Happy Valentines

Valentines Day is my second favorite holiday that exists (the first is Halloween obviously). My favorite way to spend Valentines Day (well really most days) is watching movies. I threw together a quick movie list for days like today.  So cuddle up with yourself, an animal, or someone special and enjoy. My gift to you ❤…

Year One

Download the full version of Year One here! Year One of annasghost.com has come to an end. What better way to celebrate the future than looking back on 2016 and remembering all the amazing people that have graced us with their words, art, photos, tips, tricks, and constant love and support. My gift to you….

Photo Journal: A Good Day

I spent the day with my friends Nicole and Tara. We went to some thrift shops, ate lasagna, and stared at R.C. Hagans work for a significantly long time. It was just a good day. A really good day.


I am…  a curator, musician, writer, healer, and alien I have…  roots in the South but a heart for New York A few of my favorite things…  peonies, epiphanies, fuzzy everything, cuddles, making out, and pie  A typical outfit for me is…  Nikes, a silk scarf, leopard coat, and big earrings I never leave my…

Ghost Fest. Forever

“need this ghost” by Kyle Adams joyful levels of artistic discussion is radiating throughout this place. there is a thirst for simple beauty in the repertoire and in this venue, under colorful lights, it is quenched. everyone here is more complex than the last, speaking to one another makes this clear but this does not…

Ghost Fest.

This is happening October 22nd. Lineup TBA. Yes, this is a Halloween fest. Yes, you will have all the fun in the world. The more people that show up, the more likely this will become a regular thing so bring all the people. Prizes. Bands. Merch. Ghost themed everything. Only $5 for the whole. entire….

Don’t Drain Me Of My Energy

What I learned in middle school: Everyone in the school can wear the same terrible jacket, but if you buy one then you are copying your best friend.. this is unforgivable. Okay, so I am not talking about this type of copying. I am not talking about doing something generic and someone being offended. That…