Hi, I am Anna. A creative based out of Alabama. I work closely with other creatives to help tell their stories, share their passions and find out what motivates them to create.

 It was after realizing how many amazingly talented people surround me that I began asking questions and documenting answers here on annasghost.com.

Since the start of my site I have hosted events, been featured in local magazines, collaborated with other creatives on projects, had my art in a gallery and much more. I do free-lance work making tshirt, cd, websites and show flyers for local bands and venues. In my professional life I am a graphic designer for WordSouth, a content marketing company.

At the end of the day my true passion is connecting creativity with community. I believe so deeply in that connection and its ability to change lives, break barriers and provide hope.

Thanks for reading! For more insight on what I do/ who I am follow me on social media and check out the list below ❤

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Ghost Fest.

Other local shows


View the post about Year One.

Download the full version of Year One here!

Personal Project Posts:

The Riots Within

Spring Break Photo Project

3D Project From Nature

Some Self Portraits 

Ghostie Mini Comic #1

Ghostie Mini Comic #2

Ghostie Mini Comic #3

A Collection of my paintings, prints, drawings, digital work, band merch, show flyers, logos, illustrations, etc.


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