Ghost Fest. Forever


“need this ghost” by Kyle Adams

joyful levels of artistic discussion

is radiating throughout this place.

there is a thirst for simple beauty

in the repertoire and in this

venue, under colorful lights, it is

everyone here is more complex

than the last, speaking to one

another makes this clear

but this does not make the words

bouncing between the walls and

our teeth less important.

in this place, we all become one

in this place, we are someone

in this place we can fall in love

and even though it came and

went as swiftly a ghost

this place gave us hope.

Ghost Fest was easily the happiest day of my life.

I have never felt more loved or felt that much love in one place. I wish I could put my feelings in words, but I am afraid unlike Kyle (see above the beautiful poem that made me cry) I cannot. I have to say thank you to everyone who promoted and came to Ghost Fest. Having so many wonderful people under one roof is more than I could have imagined. Thank you to all the bands that played. It could have been just me, but I think that was the best performances ever in the world. Thank you to Maurey Roberts. Having a person who wants local music to grow and have a home and have a stage to play on and make sure all the bands are taken care of and sound amazing and soooo many other things is something I think local music has been waiting for and found in Maurey ( did that sentence make sense? prob. not but you get it what I am saying.) Thank you to some of my best friends in the world (Hannah, Jessica, Ashley, Kenslie, and Payton) for spending the Friday night before decorating the theatre with me. Thank you to my brother, his girlfriend, and mainly my sister for everything. The three of you worked the door, decorated, cleaned up, etc. It made my heart filled knowing I had family with me that day. Thank you to Lucas. You helped me in every way, from booking bands, picking up shirts, bringing me lunch, dealing with my sassiness, and everything else. You did so much and always do so much for me. I am so lucky. Thanks to Michele and Stephen for making sure everyone had stickers to cover their cars in and wristbands to wear all day. Thanks to T.J. for cool as heck Tshirts, Ryan for pumpkin pies, my mom for snacks, all the photographers, the guys who ran sound, Times Journal, literally everyone who walked in the door. Thank you to everyone. Really. I know I am forgetting people and things but I am so grateful. I truly am. ❤

I can’t wait for next year!!! And yes, there will be a next year!


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